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For general hospital information, call 843-792-2300. Or, choose from the following listing:

Email Our Webmaster
If you have comments or questions about this Website

Call Health Connection
MUSC's call center, for general information, physician referral, appointment scheduling, class registration and health screening

Ask A Pharmacist
Email your medication-related question to an MUSC Health pharmacist

Contact a Patient at the Medical Center
You can call the hospital operator at 843-792-2300

Search the Appointment Scheduling Directory (pdf)
If you would like to schedule an appointment directly with any of our departments

Request an Ethics Consultation
If you have questions about the care of your loved one, use our Ethics Consultation Service

Email a question about MUSC Health MyChart
If you have a question about using the MUSC Health MyChart tool to communicate with your physician and review information such as your test results, send us an email.

Email an MUSC Patient & Family Liaison
If you are an MUSC Health patient who wants to provide feedback on our services, or call us at 843-792-5555

If you are a physician that would like to consult with an MUSC Health provider, call 843-792-2200 or 800-922-5250

Billing Questions
Contact our Billing Department at 843-792-2311
Or review Understanding Your Bill if you have a question about an MUSC Health bill 

Contact University or Medical Center Human Resources
Search for a job online, or learn more about career opportunities at MUSC

Media Contacts
Contact information for those in the media

Search the MUSC Employee Directory
If you are looking for someone who works at MUSC