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Retina & Vitreous Services

As the population ages, the number of Americans with retinal and vitreous disorders and vision loss is steadily increasing. The MUSC Storm Eye Institute at MUSC Health strives to offer the latest in technological and surgical advancements for the prevention and treatment of retinal disorders.

Many of the potential disorders of the retina and vitreous can be prevented or fully treated if detected early by a skilled ophthalmologist. Our highly-trained specialists are devoted to the care of the retina and the vitreous, the "back of the eye" components essential to clear vision.

At the MUSC Storm Eye Institute, we begin our patient relationship with a consultation and thorough eye examination, which may include further testing to allow our doctors to detect diseases at very early stages, and to monitor how diseases improve or progress over time. We continue that relationship by developing a treatment plan that is unique for each patient and by providing comprehensive follow-through care for the life of the disorder.

Our vitreo-retinal specialists use laser surgery, medications, and other state-of-the art treatments and therapies to provide comprehensive, compassionate care for patients dealing with these conditions, as well as retinal detachments or tears, macular holes, retinoblastoma, uveitis, eye cancer, flashes and floaters, and retinitis pigmentosa.

Our goal is not only to provide the very best care and treatment, but also to work with our patients to address short-term eye health needs while creating an ongoing patient-doctor relationship that will ensure our patients don't miss out on life's most wonderful moments — even the smallest ones.

If you, or someone you know has disorders of the retina and vitreous, contact the Storm Eye Institute at 843-792-2020.