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MUSC Health Center for Telehealth

What is MUSC Health doing to expand access to quality health care?

Using the latest telehealth technologies, MUSC Health is connecting patients and providers across South Carolina with our expert health care team. MUSC Health is focused on expanding access to services, coordinating care and improving the health of communities. Whether you are a patient needing the care of a MUSC Health specialist through the convenience and comfort of your local doctor’s office, or a provider interested in partnering to offer expanded services to your patients, MUSC Health has a telehealth program for you. Learn more about the many ways MUSC Health is changing what’s possible through telehealth. The MUSC Health Center for Telehealth is a part of eHealth Innovations.


Neuroscience Telehealth Programs

MUSC Health’s Neuroscience Telehealth Programs provide emergent, urgent, and scheduled access to MUSC’s Neuroscience specialist’s to include Stroke Neurologists, Neuro-Hospitalists, and Neuro Physiologists. Our specialists conduct remote consultations to examine patients and any necessary records in a variety of settings, allowing them to provide treatment recommendations to the treating physician.

Tele-ICU and ICU Innovations

The MUSC Health Tele-ICU and ICU Innovations are designed to improve the care of critically ill patients and includes a multi-hospital consortium between MUSC Health and community hospitals. This innovative approach to critical care provides partner hospitals with 24/7/365 access to MUSC Health’s board certified and experienced intensivists.

School Based Telehealth Program

The School Based Telehealth Program seeks to improve the availability of comprehensive health care to underserved children in our state. This program is working to improve access to acute sick care, chronic disease management and mental health services by bringing the care to the children.

Virtual Tele Consultation (VTC)

The Virtual Tele Consultation (VTC) is an innovative approach to providing access to specialty care using telemedicine. This interdisciplinary, collaborative approach combines recent advances in technology to connect patients located in their community provider’s office with a broad coalition of specialists based at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

Maternal Fetal Telemedicine Program

Through telemedicine, MUSC Health maternal fetal specialists provide convenient and reliable access to specialty care for women with high-risk pregnancies MUSC Health’s Maternal Fetal Telemedicine program has partnered with the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to increase the availability of care available to South Carolina’s rural patients with high risk pregnancies.

Inpatient and Emergency Teleconsultation Program

The Inpatient and Emergency Teleconsultation Program provides rural hospitals with 24/7 access to pediatric critical care and emergency medicine consultation. Watch a video about the Program.

Telemental Health

MUSC Health’s Telemental Health offers many psychiatric care programs to facilities with adolescents with mental illnesses, veterans with PTSD and for survivors of civilian trauma.

Image Exchange

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Image Exchange System (MIES) is a complimentary service designed to expedite image sharing between MUSC and partnering organizations. A universal cloud pathway for transport of digital images has been established that will allow for fast and secure two-way exchange of patients’ images and information

Telehealth Education Collaborative

The telehealth education system provides interactive programming for healthcare providers, students and community members across South Carolina. Participants are invited to take part in programs that feature local, state and national experts engaging in case-based dialogues designed to address the educational needs of community providers.

National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center (NCVC)

The NCVC offers evidence-based trauma-focused services for adults and children exposed to traumatic events. The NCVC specializes in working with victims of violent crime including sexual assault, child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence, stalking, community violence, and traumatic loss.

Telehealth Research and Innovation

The Telehealth Research and Innovation program sponsors monthly teleheath research seminars on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring is a system using wireless devices with biofunction capabilities. These systems are adaptable to a variety of clinical populations and have been shown to produce sustained medication adherence and reduces emergency department visits and hospitalizations.



Video: Telehealth throughout the state

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