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Beyond the White Coat

Profiles of our Women's Health Providers
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Dr. Edenfield and Cisco on a runThe autumn season often evokes visions of colorful foliage, cool weather, and the beginning of the winter season, but at MUSC Women’s Health, the word autumn for many women in the Charleston area evokes feelings of hope, gratitude, and relief in the form of their local urogynecology expert — Dr. Autumn Edenfield.

While most OB/GYNs gravitate toward the expected path of taking care of pregnant women and delivering babies, Autumn made her way toward an area of expertise that isn’t as easily discussed or shared “out loud” in open conversations.  

As a Charleston native, Autumn has always loved the Holy City, but she gravitated to a much larger city when selecting a medical school by settling on NYU in the heart of Manhattan. For her, experiencing the rigors of medical school and the thrill and excitement of New York City was one of the most exciting times of her life. Not to mention that New York is where she met her future husband, who was also studying medicine at NYU. When asked why New York in particular, she quickly responded with “I loved the feel and excitement of the city where we could walk to restaurants and shops, and run through the park at any time.” 

“This is why I came back to Charleston,” she added. “It’s a smaller city, but the energy of city life is still there.” As Autumn made her way back to Charleston by way of Duke University, it was in her third year of training that she decided on the path to urogynecology. She wanted to remain involved in research and teaching, and as her mentor from MUSC helped to make that connection, Charleston became a likely destination. 

“I always liked science and biology as a child, but I didn’t want to just be in a lab environment and the choice to specialize in urogynecology arrived when I realized I wanted a combination of surgery and medicine. I wanted to “fix” problems, and uro-gyn has given me that option. It’s very satisfying to be able to actually provide great treatment options for some very serious issues experienced by women. My patients are often very active and proactive in their search for an answer. They aren’t embarrassed about their issues and readily share their personal stories as a way of stressing just how strong their desires are to return to a life of normalcy and no embarrassment. ”

Laughing lightly, Autumn added, “I sometimes feel like I’ve put ‘Ms. Humpty Dumpty back together again.’ In all seriousness, women can experience devastating consequences related to their uro-gyn systems, and I’m glad to be the one to give them hope and an answer to their problems. I also am privileged to work with women of all ages because it’s not just an issue that affects senior women, it can affect women of all ages.”

When asked what she does to relax, Autumn describes her personal life as “always being on the go.” In addition to her busy practice in Mount Pleasant and Summerville, Autumn has a 10-month-old son named Cisco and a fellow physician husband. Still attracted to city life, Autumn and her husband live in the downtown area where they can still walk to restaurants and shops, but also run (another passion).

“Before I became pregnant, I ran several half-marathons and the routes in the downtown area were perfect for training. I picked routes which also housed public water fountains, which made it easier to make my way around town — Hampton Park, Waterfront Park, the Cooper Bridge, Folly Beach, and beyond. I just plug in to a podcast to get in the mood, and I am off to the next water fountain.”

“You just cannot go to Duke University and not end up being a basketball fan,” she adds to the list of pastimes. “Whenever we get a chance, we try to take advantage of March Madness and go to an NCAA basketball game. It doesn’t matter who is playing, it’s just fun to watch.”

As we settle into the end of summer with the promise of cooler weather on the horizon, Autumn Edenfield gears up for her next run and her next surgery. Looking very comfortable in surgical scrubs, she epitomizes the lifestyle which many of her patients seek as they look to her for an answer to their problems – healthy, active, and happy. For our uro-gyn specialist, being able to fulfill their needs is a connection in life worth its weight in autumn gold.

For more information about Autumn Edenfield, M.D. or to schedule an appointment in Mount Pleasant or Summerville, MUSC Health Womens' Health or call 843-792-5300.

Raksha Soora, M.D., OB-GYN“I love to eat,” proclaims Raksha Soora, OB-GYN and Assistant Professor with MUSC Women’s Health, which is why you can often find her “appetizer-hopping” down King Street in Charleston, along with fellow physician and husband, Brad. “As long as it’s not red meat, I enjoy eating any food, from just about any country or region,” added Raksha. Having been born, literally in small town America — Americus, Georgia to be exact — to Indian parents, Raksha grew up on the exotic flavors and aromas of curry, ginger, cumin, turmeric and other spices, thoroughly preparing her palate for a variety of food experiences In Charleston, Iceland, Bali and other favorite travel destinations.

While food is important, family and career has always been even more so. After her father graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in engineering, the family moved to Arkansas where she grew up in what she describes as “a very normal childhood.” “No one in my family was in medicine, everyone was in engineering,” laughs Raksha, “but even as a young child, I always wanted to be a doctor.” When asked where the desire to be a doctor came from, Raksha states, “I’ve always liked using my hands, and being a doctor gives me the ability to use my hands to care for people and solve mysteries at the same time. It’s a perfect balance between two interests.”

Raksha Soora, M.D., OB-GYNBut using her hands to care for people is not her only talent. Her parents, her brother, her “double cousins,” and she are known for using both the left and right sides of their brains — all are musically inclined. Raksha learned to play the piano at age six and continues to play today. Eastern classical, western classical, Broadway, pop with a little contemporary Bollywood thrown in, Raksha can play the full spectrum when given the opportunity to sit at a keyboard. When her cousin’s wedding band, 919, comes to Charleston, don’t be surprised if you find Raksha at the microphone serenading the newly wedded couple as well. You see, she doesn’t just play an instrument-she also sings. Just visit ITunes and download the music of Dhamakapella – an Indian, co-ed, a cappella group, co-founded at Case Western Reserve University by none other than our very own, Dr. Soora.

While her musical career and talents are quietly tucked away until the next family holiday gathering, concert or wedding, Raksha truly enjoys her chosen and very important career in obstetrics and gynecology at MUSC. Spending her days in Summerville and North Charleston seeing women of all ages, for different reasons, she describes her work as almost like “hanging out with my friends.” She loves getting to know these women “in a conversational way” and learning about their lives and their families and just being there when they need help, or advice, or an expert to deliver their first, or last baby — this is where she likes using her hands the most. “Being an OB-GYN was the last specialty I thought I would choose, but this is where I belong,” states Raksha proudly.

For more information about Raksha Soora or to schedule an appointment, visit MUSC Women's Health online or call 843-876-0880. And, the next time you are on King Street, look for Raksha sharing an appetizer with hubby and friends, or sitting at a keyboard entertaining the crowd.