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MISFIT Program

Welcome to the MUSC Health Weight Management Center's MISFIT Program. The MISFIT (Movements to Improve Strength and Fitness through Instructed Training) program is designed to expose participants to various and portable exercise movements, while providing them with specified daily workouts. More specifically, we will provide you with specified workouts each day, with the exercise movements included in the workouts being those that require little to no special equipment and which you can perform almost anywhere (e.g., home, work, in a hotel, etc.).

Before joining our MISFIT program, you should know that this program is only open to individuals who are participating in one of our MUSC Health Weight Management Center weight loss programs. If that's you, we would additionally like you to view the instructional videos below so that you can learn more about the specifics of the program and make a more informed decision about participating. The videos are of our fitness experts demonstrating the different exercise movements and modifications of each. Also included below is a form outlining the different types of workouts and a form that you can use to track your workouts. Please review these videos and forms before proceeding to the consent form.

Three steps to joining the MISFIT program:

  1. View the instructional videos and review the forms below
  2. Proceed to the webpage that contains the consent form for participating in this program (that webpage is linked at the bottom of this page, but be sure to complete Step 1 above)
  3. Once you have consented to participating, you will subscribe to our MISFIT blog; from there, you will begin receiving workouts (Workouts of the Day: "WODs") delivered to you each day via email (as well as being posted on our MISFIT blog)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This program is intended for use ONLY by participants in one of our weight loss programs. We also STRONGLY encourage that you view all instructional videos, as well as review the forms posted below. If you are not a patient in one of our weight loss programs OR have not reviewed the instructional videos included below, you SHOULD NOT subscribe to or engage in our MISFIT program. Once you have reviewed the instructional videos and forms, proceed to the consent form.

Forms that you need:

  • WOD Descriptions (pdf) - we encourage you to review and print out this form so that you may refer to it if uncertain about the nature of a given workout.
  • WOD Tracker (pdf) - we encourage you to print out this form to use to track your workouts.

Instructional videos

Introduction to the MISFIT movements, which are demonstrated below. 

Select a link below to take you directly to the exercise movement you'd like to see demonstrated:


Box Jump:





Dumbbell Press:



Jumping Jack:


Knees to Chest:



Overhead Dumbbell Press:





Push Up:


Reverse Lunge:



Single Leg Bridge:





Wall Sit:

Now that you have viewed the instructional videos and reviewed the forms above, please proceed to the MISFIT consent form on the next page

If you have any questions about this program or any of the content posted on this page, please email us.



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