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Weight Management Center

HealthFast Program

This 30-week program, designed for people who need to lose more than 50 pounds, combines medically supervised supplemented fasting with instructions in lifestyle change techniques to help you make the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a healthier weight. The program has two phases: a highly structured supplemented fast, which is followed by a period of transition back onto food and learning to maintain a healthy food-based diet. During the initial stages of the program, participants consume approximately 800 calories per day, consisting primarily of nutrition shakes and bars. HealthFast offers a more rapid, but safe rate of weight loss for people with more weight to lose.

Program Includes:

  • Initial screening: Includes medical history and physical, laboratory studies, EKG, and screening interview.
  • Individualized meal plans and exercise plans.
  • Fasting phase: Includes weekly classes, physician vital sign assessments, routine laboratory studies, and repeat EKG.
  • Mainstream phase: Includes weekly classes and vital sign assessments, routine laboratory studies, routine registered dietitian consultations, final laboratory studies, and final physician visit.
  • Also included are: Pre- and post-treatment body composition assessments, exercise assessments and prescriptions, and up to three individual behavioral consultations.
  • Calorie King® book.
  • Fitbit® Zip (wearable activity sensor).
  • Resistance bands demo classes (monthly).

Program Costs

  • $2435 (includes everything except meal replacements)
  • $75 to $110 per week for first 12 weeks (this cost is more than offset by money you'll not be spending at grocery stores/restaurants)


  • $200 (pay-in-full)
  • $100 (MUSC and state employees/spouses/retirees)
  • $100 (Military personnel/spouses and veterans/spouses)
  • 10% Bring a Buddy (enroll within 30 days) 

Ways to Pay

You can choose to pay for your weight loss program four different ways.

1. Installment Plan Option

  • At enrollment: $625 - bring payment to your first class or pay online by credit card
  • Week 4: $500
  • Week 9: $450
  • Week 14: $430
  • Week 19: $430

If you will be paying your first installment when you come to class, please register now using our online form. If you will be paying your first installment with credit card, then please fill out our credit card payment form.

2. Payroll Deduction Option

Available to MUSC/MUHA/MUSCP employees/spouses only. This plan includes the $100 MUSC employee discount.

  • $194.58/month for 12 months (deducted from 12 or 24 paychecks, depending on how frequently you're paid).
  • Sign up for payroll deduction and then you'll have a chance to print the program registration form.

3. Credit Card Option

Pay by credit card now. When the payment is complete, you'll have a chance to print the program registration form.

4. Pay at the WMC Clinic

If you would like to pay for your program when you visit the WMC Clinic, please fill out the online form. You will be able to print the registration information and bring it with you when you visit the WMC office.

If you have questions regarding payment or discounts, please email us at


Contact Us

We're located in the Institute of Psychiatry building at 67 President Street in downtown Charleston. We also offer a Tuesday afternoon clinic in North Charleston at 8471 Resolute Way.

Call us at 843-792-2273 or 800-553-7489. Fax us at 843-792-5432.

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