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Billie's Weight Loss Story

Note: Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us at the MUSC Health Weight Management Center. The patients listed on our website have granted us express permission to share their program results and pictures, as well as their names, with our website visitors.

Billie Before and After

Billie BeforeBillie and her husband before
Billie AfterBillie after walking a half marathon


Age: 52
Program: HealthFast
Start Date: 03/20/13
End Date: 12/23/13

Weight Changes:

  • Weight Loss: 252.9 to 177.6 (lost 75.3 lbs)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): 43.4 to 30.5
  • Body Fat %: 41.3% to 32.4%

Body Composition Changes:

  • Waist Change: 43.5" to 35.5" (lost 8 inches)
  • Hips Change: 52" to 41" (lost 11 inches)

Blood Lipid Changes:

  • Total Cholesterol: 156 (healthy) to 148 (healthier)
  • LDL (bad) Cholesterol: 88 (healthy) to 90 (healthy)
  • HDL (good) Cholesterol: 53 (healthy) to 48 (healthy)
  • Triglycerides: 75 (healthy) to 48 (healthy)
  • Fasting Glucose: 99 (healthy) to 83 (healthy)

Other Notable Successes:

On 5/5/15 Billie has reported another loss of 9.6 pounds, for a current weight of 168.

Billie's husband's lab changes:

As an added “bonus,” but as you may remember my husband has been my constant “trainer,” walking while I ran and now walking and running along with me. He has battled high cholesterol since his early 20s and has been medicated since that time. His weight varies, but at most he is 20 pounds overweight. He is followed here at MUSC and since I started the MUSC Weight Management Center’s HealthFast program, here are my husband’s lab changes from March 2013 to February 2015:

  • Cholesterol: 285 (high) to 191 (healthy)
  • HDL: 61 (healthy) to 66 (healthy)
  • LDL: 210 (high) to 116 (slightly high)
  • Triglycerides: 71 (healthy) to 44 (healthy)

The cardiologist told him when she last saw him that if he would walk a bit more, she would not increase his cholesterol meds (he has a strong family history and plaque found in an unusual place during cardiac screening). She knew that we’d both been walking a lot. Just wanted to share these numbers. They are impressive! My father-in-law passed away from congestive heart failure. My participation in the HealthFast program could have very well saved me from losing my husband to a heart attack or heart failure.

Overcoming Obstacles (in patient's own words):

Overweight most of my life, I finally came to the realization that MY way wasn’t working and I committed fully to the MUSC Weight Management Center staff. I reached out to positive people around me, being accountable to them and social media and the group at Weight Management.

I knew I had to “Go big or Go Home,” and as the weight came off, I began to set goals I’d never achieved or believed I could do… such as running 5Ks or walking half-marathons, which I still do.

Although my body is no longer round, my overall state of mind is “well rounded.” One must become healthy emotionally and physically through exercise and diet in order to sustain long-term weight loss goals. I can truly say that I no longer live to eat, but that I eat to live.

My biggest obstacle is fear, but it is also my biggest motivator. Fear drives me to stay accountable, which currently I’m doing through the Weight Management Center’s “Weigh to Go” program, and it drives me to set and achieve new goals.

I recently celebrated my 100th week since starting the HealthFast program, and I’m so grateful to them and their programs, which address ALL areas of weight management.

Words of advice that I live by daily…

“You don’t have to be the same you that you used to be.” ~ me

“A year from now you will wish you had started today” ~ Karen Lamb

Not intended to portray all results. Of course, individual outcomes vary and depend in part on degree of program adherence. That being said, our patients generally do very well!


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