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Weight Management Center

Welcome Past Weight Management Patient!

We know long term weight maintenance can be a challenge. We have listed several resources that you may find helpful to assist in your long-term weight management efforts. Research clearly indicates that patients do better when they maintain contact with their weight management program.

Home Weight Monitoring

Did you like the accountability of one of our longer programs? The Home Weight Monitoring program allows us to monitor your weight, dietary intake, and activity, and all you have to do is step on your bathroom scale. We offer this service to anyone, whether you've done one of our programs or not.

Video Weight Management

Video weight management provides individuals with the opportunity to gain insight into areas of weight management without having to commit to a long term program. You can meet with our staff over video or phone. This is a great way to speak with one of our professionals as a way to keep your weight loss efforts on track.

In-person Individual Visits

Attend individual sessions with dietary, exercise or behavioral staff; you select. These sessions are 15-30 minutes in length and focus on your individual weight management goals and challenges. Please call the 843-792-2273 for more details.

Extended Supplement Use

You may have used meal replacements with one of our programs and found them to be very helpful. We now have online ordering which allows you to continue to purchase nutrition supplements for a period of 1 year following the end of your regular program. This can be renewed at the end of the 1-year period with approval by WMC clinicians.

The Meal Replacement Order Form is a password-protected form. We do not sell meal replacements to the general public. These meal replacements are only to be purchased and consumed by individuals who are currently enrolled in one of our weight management programs, or those who have completed a program within the last year and who have been advised about their diets by our registered dietitians. This includes the prohibition of currently enrolled individuals from purchasing meal replacements on behalf of any non-enrolled individuals.


Contact Us

We're located in the Institute of Psychiatry building at 67 President Street in downtown Charleston. We also offer a Tuesday afternoon clinic in North Charleston at 8471 Resolute Way.

Call us at 843-792-2273 or 800-553-7489. Fax us at 843-792-5432.

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