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Patient Resources

Weight Management Tools

Whether you are trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, the MUSC Health Weight Management Center offers the following tools and resources to help you achieve your weight loss and management goals.

Weight Loss Graphs - Graphing your weight loss is one of the most important tools you can use on your journey! We provide you with two versions of our popular weight graph.

Track Your Intake - We show you how to keep track of what you're eating using a food diary.

Weight Management Tips of the Week - We offer weight management tips on our MUSC Weight Management Center's Facebook page. These messages provide tips to help you work weight management into your daily lifestyle. 

Weight Management Newsletter - The MUSC Health Weight Management Center offers a monthly weight management newsletter to patients and non-patients alike. These newsletters contain healthy recipes, information about local fitness events, healthy lifestyle tips, etc. Click the link to see a sample newsletter or to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Lighten Up Charleston - The MUSC Health Weight Management Center is a proud sponsor of Lighten Up Charleston. We encourage all of our patients and visitors to join the Mayor's initiative to have our city lose 100,000 lbs. The website provides lots of information and tools to help you help make Charleston the healthiest city in the Southeast.

Enjoy the Holidays without Weight Gain

Tips for Improving Body Image

Josh Brown, Ph.D. and Pat O'Neil, Ph.D. provide you with helpful information on improving your body image in these two flyers.:

Weight Management Tips for Teachers

Josh Brown, Ph.D. and Tonya Turner, RD, LD provide teachers with some practical tips for managing their weight. Download and print this helpful handout and be sure to share it with your teaching friends and colleagues. (pdf)

Tips for Managing Weight While Traveling

Eating on the Fly: Don't Let Your Travel Unravel Your Diet! (pdf) (from our friends in the MUSC Health Weight Loss Surgery Program)

Weight Management Quizzes and Calculators

BMI Calculator - Determining your ideal weight includes considering the amount of bone, muscle, and fat in your body's composition.  Use our online calculator to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Additional Videos

Stress and Eating - Josh Brown, Ph.D. presents information about stress and eating, including tips for dealing better with stress and keeping it from affecting your eating, waistline, and health. This video presentation has no sound, but is simple to follow.


Virtual Grocery Store Tour - Tonya Turner, RD, LD, one of our excellent registered dietitians, takes you on a trip through a local grocery store to give you tips on making healthier decisions in the store, which will help you eat healthier at home and more effectively manage your weight!


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We're located in the Institute of Psychiatry building at 67 President Street in downtown Charleston. We also offer a Tuesday afternoon clinic in North Charleston at 8471 Resolute Way.

Call us at 843-792-2273 or 800-553-7489. Fax us at 843-792-5432.

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