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Volunteer Toni and Hollings Cancer Center Patient

Orientation Requirements


Applications to volunteer at MUSC Health are accepted in the Spring and the Fall. Please check our main page for specific dates. We spend the rest of the time orienting and training our volunteers to have the most valued experience. Once you have submitted your application, you will be called in for an interview. We ask you to allow one week for processing and scheduling. Every person that applies is not selected to volunteer in the program. We recruit for our needs and we will be happy to place you if your interest and schedule fits our needs. Patient care and the commitment to excellence is our goal. We look for people that can help us achieve that outcome. We will post our current needs on this web site, so please continue to check back if you don't see a placement of interest.

If you are selected to our program:

  • You will go through Medical Center Orientation for Volunteers.  This orientation is a classroom style training. 
  • Some of the orientation materials are on this web page.  The Volunteer Recruiter will let you know which materials you will need to complete prior to your scheduled orientation.
  • You will sign permission for a SLED background check during your interview.
  • Volunteer placement is contingent on an approved background check, health screening and clearance and completed orientation!
  • All volunteers must have a health clearance by MUSC Employee Health Services.  We will request an appointment that fits your schedule during the time of your interview.  Volunteers will be given a TB skin test during the health screening.  Volunteers are required to present a copy of your immunization records at the time of your health screen at Employee Health Services.  TB skin test must be read within 48 hours of placement, so keep this in mind when requesting an appointment time.
  • Flu shots are required and provided at no cost to MUSC Volunteers.


All volunteers are required to review the Hospital Mandatory Competencies every year!  Please review the Annual Competency Booklet to the right of this page, and complete the POST TEST. 

Submit your Annual Competency Post test before your scheduled deadline!  Check your e-mail or call us if you don't know when yours is due!