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  • MUSC Transplant Programs

    Transplant Programs

    Specializing in organ transplant for more than two decades, MUSC offers the state's only comprehensive organ transplant medical center.

  • Patient Resources

    Patient and Family Services

    MUSC's Concierge Services can assist you and your family with travel arrangements and help make both your trip and your stay in Charleston, SC as seamless as possible.

  • Referring Physicians

    Referring Physicians

    MUSC Health welcomes organ transplant patients referred from health care providers in our surrounding communities and across the nation.

Contact the MUSC Transplant Program

Transplant Coordinator On-Call

Emergencies only, 24 hours a day:843-792-2123

Appointment Scheduling

New Patients:843-792-5097
Existing Patients:843-792-6100

Transplant Questions/Concerns

Call 1-800-277-8687 and choose from the following options:


Option #1

Heart Failure/Heart Transplant:

Option #2

Liver Transplant:

Option #3

Kidney/Pancreas Transplant:

Option #4

Abdominal Transplant Pharmacist:

Option #5

Blood and Marrow Transplant:

Option #6

Transplant Administrative Offices:

Option #7

Lung Transplant:

Option #8

Or dial directly using the following numbers:

Heart Failure/Heart Transplant:


Lung Transplant:


Liver Transplant:


Pre-Kidney/Pancreas Transplant:


Post-Kidney/Pancreas Transplant: 


Blood and Marrow Transplant:


Transplant Administrative Offices: 


Pharmacy Numbers

Transplant Pharmacist:

800-277-8687, Option #5 or 843-876-1390

Rutledge Tower - Pharmacy Direct Line:

843-876-0199, Option #1

Rutledge Tower - Prescription Refill Line:

843-876-0199  or 800-237-0794

Fax Numbers

Transplant Scheduling:


Heart Failure/Heart Transplant:


Liver Transplant: 


Pre-Kidney/Pancreas Transplant:


Post-Kidney/Pancreas Transplant:


Blood and Marrow Transplant:


Transplant Administrative Offices: 


MUSC Hospital Operator

If you can't locate the number you are looking for, feel free to call our hospital operator at 843-792-2300. We'll put you in contact with whomever you are trying to reach.

Physician Needing Assistance?

Please call MEDULINE, MUSC's dedicated consultation telephone service, at 843-792-2200 or toll-free at 800-922-5250. We will provide you direct, convenient access to the physicians and services of MUSC Medical Center.

Transplant Mailing Address

MUSC Transplant Center
162 Ashley Avenue
MSC 586
Charleston, SC 29425