Treatment of breast cancer and prostate cancer is a key focus for MUSC physicians treating patients at Hollings Cancer Center’s Mount Pleasant location.

In February, an open house event was held for the community to unveil new technology that offers improved imaging capabilities for patients, as well as several types of external beam radiation therapy. TrueBeamTM is an advanced cancer treatment system offering the latest radiation therapy techniques, including new imaging features that increase precision and accuracy of radiation delivery.Dr. Jennifer Harper

Dr. Jennifer Harper, MUSC associate professor and radiation oncologist, sees patients regularly at Hollings Cancer Center Mt. Pleasant. She says, “The new TrueBeam system in Mt. Pleasant reflects our commitment to ensure patients are treated with the most advanced technology supported by clinical research and provides another access point for patients and their families to get expertise from MUSC physicians in a community location.”

The availability of other important cancer services such as mammograms in the Mt. Pleasant community nicely complement the treatment services the cancer center offers. Dr. Harper anticipates Hollings Cancer Center Mt. Pleasant will evolve into a destination for breast and prostate cancer treatment.

To learn more about treatment services at Hollings Cancer Center Mt. Pleasant, call 843-876-8411 or request an appointment here.