Anand K. Sharma, MBBS, DLO, Radiation Oncologist at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, recently spoke at the South Carolina Spine Society’s annual meeting.

The meeting, which was the society’s 23rd meeting, was held September 19 at the Harbour Club in downtown Charleston, S.C.

Dr. Sharma was a guest speaker at the event and lectured about single-fraction radiation therapy for spinal tumors, cancerous or noncancerous growths that develops within your spinal canal or within the bones of your spine.

The South Carolina Spine Society works to equip a variety of specialists with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead effectively in the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare environment, as it relates to care of the spine.  Providing leadership for orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, Physiatrists, RN's, PT's and Radiologists, the South Carolina Spine Society promotes educational tools to support academic faculty.

Dr. Sharma is a radiation oncologist at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, South Carolina's only NCI Designated Cancer Center.  Dr. Sharma, along with the other members of the radiation oncology team, uses a team approach in which the center’s medical experts collaborate to develop a customized treatment plan for each patient’s specific case.

For more information about Dr. Sharma, or any of the radiation oncologists at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, please click here.

Photo caption:  Dr. Anand Sharma speaking at the South Carolina Spine Society