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Serious Safety Events

Why we measure this

These are events that result in harm to patients when there is deviation from expected practice. MUSC strives to have zero serious safety events, and uses the latest evidence-based practices, training and technology to prevent these from occurring.

How we measure this

These are measured by the number of events per 10,000 patient days.

What we do to improve

MUSC providers use the latest evidence and technology to provide the best possible care. We use reminders, checklists, and other electronic means to make sure that every patient gets the care they deserve. In the rare case that a serious safety event occurs, our providers are completely honest about what happened, analyze why it happened, and take steps to prevent it from happening again. Our patients can trust we will continue to take the very best care of them, even after the unlikely case of a serious safety event.

serious safety events


MUSC: Commitment to Quality and Safety

2017 Quality & Safety Report