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Institute of Psychiatry

Recreation Therapy

Mission Statement

To provide excellent, diverse, and necessary recreation therapy services in the treatment of Institute of Psychiatry patients in collaboration with other IOP disciplines along with partners both within MUSC and in the community.


As part of the Central Inpatient Program Service, Recreation Therapy provides treatment services throughout the Institute of Psychiatry.  This diverse array of services address the psychiatric problems bringing patients into the hospital through symptom reduction, education on healthy lifestyle, development of coping skills, and psychosocial support.

Services are provided in the following inpatient areas: adult, senior, adolescent, and child. Additionally, recreation therapy services are also provided in the Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP) intensive outpatient program.


The programs provided  throughout the Institute of Psychiatry include the following:

  • Leisure education
  • Group problem solving
  • Relaxation training
  • Creative expression
  • Stress management
  • Therapeutic gardening
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Self esteem
  • Anger control
  • Thinking and feeling
  • Fitness
  • Relapse prevention


Staff are all certified by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

  • Holly-Ann Boyle, CTRS. Recreation therapist 2N (youth unit)
  • Lauren La Valle, CTRS. Recreation therapist 4N (adult unit) and 3N (adult unit); Central Inpatient Program Service (CIPS), adult
  • Lauren Porter, CTRS. Recreation therapist Senior Care Unit
  • Bob Raynor, MS, CTRS, FDRT. Recreation therapist 4N (Addictions and Acute Care units); CIPS, adult; CDAP day intensive outpatient program
  • Anna Kate Eskew, CTRS. Recreation therapist Senior Care Unit


Recreation therapy takes places in group rooms throughout the IOP, and on the units. The following are other spaces where these services take place.

  • Institute of Psychiatry Park
  • Therapy gardens
  • Activity room
  • Fitness room
  • 219 Recreation Therapy room
  • Institute of Psychiatry Auditorium

Internship Program

The internship provides the student the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a recreation therapist in a clinical setting. Internships take place in the Institute of Psychiatry, and the Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP).  One half of the internship will take place in the youth inpatient service, and the other half in adult psychiatry and CDAP’s intensive outpatient program. Internships are offered throughout the year. Interns work 40 hours per week for fifteen weeks.   During the fifteen week internship, the student will develop the following competencies.

1. Assessment of patients, and development of individualized treatment plans

2. Facilitation/leadership of Recreation Therapy programs

3. Development of therapeutic relationships with patients and ongoing intervention as part of the patient's treatment.

4. Documentation of assessments, progress notes, and discharge summaries.

5. Discharge planning with patients.

6. Verbal presentation of RT progress and other data in treatment team meetings.

7. Communication skills in general: individually with patients, as group facilitator, in treatment team, with RT staff and others.

The student will receive individual supervision from a designated full time recreation therapist who is currently certified by NCTRC. This therapist will meet with the student weekly for supervision throughout the internship. Supervision will also occur through on-the-spot feedback and discussion by recreation therapy staff after groups, following assessments, and after treatment team meetings.

The intern will be required during the internship to prepare and complete a special project benefiting Recreation Therapy. Staff will work with the student on identifying an appropriate project.

Stipends are not offered for internships, and housing is not provided for interns. MUSC's Student Wellness Center does provide some assistance to students in locating apartments and/or roommates.

There are several requirements for application for internship positions:

1) A letter of application including a statement of internship goals

2) A current resume

3) Three references, at least 1 faculty member (provide phone numbers)

4) An interview with RT staff: both site and phone interviews are acceptable 

Letters of application with required documents may be directed to:

(via email with attachments) [preferred]

Holly-Ann Boyle, CTRS, Recreation Therapist, 67 President Street, PO Box 250861, Charleston, SC 29425

We will next consider internship candidates for summer of 2016. The deadline will be announced this winter.

MUSC Health Institute of Psychiatry

67 President Street

Charleston, SC 29425