Scientists and engineers at the Institute for Applied Neurosciences at MUSC Health have developed a device that detects mild traumatic brain injury, also known as concussion.  Previously, there was no objective way to identify concussion, leaving clinicians and athletic trainers with only subjective measures of altered behavior or cognitive function.  The Blink Reflexometer uses stimuli to trigger a blink and a high-speed camera to collect data on the body’s response to these stimuli.  When a blow to the head occurs on the athletic field or battlefield, for example, trained personnel can use this device to stimulate and record a blink, then compare the person’s data to his or her baseline measurement (recorded previously in the Blink Reflexometer). The technology is now being refined into a hand-held device and the research team is collecting baseline measurements on football players from The Citadel and Charleston Southern University. Clinical trials will continue through Fall 2015. This device is expected to be commercially available by approximately 2017.