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Welcome to the Summer 2018 issue of Progressnotes

Progressnotes, the quarterly magazine of the Medical University of South Carolina, keeps physicians abreast of the latest clinical and scientific innovations through engaging and scientifically sophisticated prose. 


In Short

In Short articles concisely describe innovative procedures, diagnostic tools, or treatment approaches available at MUSC Health and summarize preliminary findings from MUSC research.

Machine Learning

Wireless visor detects severe stroke in seconds

A Rule-Out Blood Test for Cancer?

New classifier differentiates benign from malignant tumors

Healing a hole in the heart

Lowering the risk of recurrent strokes

Wireless Wonder

MUSC surgeon tests safety and efficacy of a new wireless implant

Tasing Brain Tumors

Treating glioblastomas with electrical currents to prolong survival


Latest updates on MUSC faculty and staff

Getting into the Rhythm

High-tech catheter give physicians more insight into the mechanisms of heart rhythm problems

No Longer a Waiting Game

New rib fixation technology and minimally invasive techniques allow for better rib stabilization in patients

A Perfect Fit

Image-guided shoulder arthroplasty enables surgeons to plan their surgeries virtually

Tolerating Yourself

A novel pathway to regulate B cell activity and prevent autoimmunity

Cancer Instagram

Snapshot of immune system proteins predicts patients’ response to immunotherapy

Safeguarding Neurons After Stroke

Novel drug therapy prevents destruction of salvageable neurons




Feature articles explore a clinical or research innovation at MUSC in some depth, highlighting how it advances or could potentially expand treatment options over traditional therapy.

Dynamic Duo

Novel immunotherapy combination for lung cancer shows promise of success

A Release Valve

Nonsurgical options for patients with pulmonary valve conditions

Not Missing a Beat

A hybrid approach to coronary revascularization relieves multi-vessel blockages without spreading the ribs or stopping the heart

Nothing By Mouth

Enhanced recovery after surgery protocols challenge the traditional tenets of surgical care, using evidence-based recommendations to reduce complications and speed recovery

Misconnections in Developmental Disorders and Addiction

Revealing possible links through genes that control brain wiring

High-Stakes Pressure

New guidelines take aim at hypertension to lower risk of cardiovascular disease



Progressnotes CME Articles

Progressnotes is pleased to offer continuing education opportunities in an effort to meet the educational needs of our audience of health care professionals and to address the health care challenges of South Carolina, particularly its high burden of chronic illness. Each issue of Progressnotes, with the exception of the Year in Review, will offer one CME-eligible article. Read additional CME-eligible articles from past issues here.

High-Stakes Pressure

New guidelines take aim at hypertension to lower risk of cardiovascular disease