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Welcome to the Summer 2017 issue of Progressnotes

Progressnotes is the quarterly magazine of the Medical University of South Carolina. Our mission is to keep you abreast of the latest clinical and scientific innovations through engaging and scientifically sophisticated prose. Browse our latest articles below and sign up for electronic notifications of exclusive digital-only content and published-ahead-of-print content.


In Short

In Short articles concisely describe innovative procedures, diagnostic tools, or treatment approaches available at MUSC Health, sometimes as part of a clinical trial, and summarize preliminary findings from MUSC research.

A Nose for Research

MUSC’s otolaryngology clinical trials program draws large industry investment

Advancing Addiction Treatment

MUSC Health offers a new implantable treatment for opioid use disorder

To A "T"

Aspirin could augment adoptive T cell therapy for cancer

TH17 T Cells Provide Robust Cancer Therapy

Th17 cells generate long-lasting T cells for adoptive cell immunotherapy

Premetastatic Niche Formation

Primary colorectal tumors affect distant organs before cancer cells arrive on site

Innovations in the Management of Chronic Pancreatitis

A new textbook and an international conference share the latest advancements in diagnosing and treating chronic pancreatitis

3D ICAD Phantom

R3D-printed model of stenotic intracranial artery enables MRI standardization

Stemming Brain Injury

Two clinical trials test stereotactic implantation of stem cells

An Elegans Solution

Worm genetic screen maps cell-to-cell communication in human cancer

Triple Threat

All three minimally invasive techniques to evacuate hematoma after intracerebral hemorrhage are available at MUSC Health



Feature articles explore a clinical or research innovation at MUSC in some depth, highlighting how it advances or could potentially expand treatment options over traditional therapy.

Not Your Dad's Emergency Medicine

Interview with Emergency Medicine Interim Chair Dr. Edward C. Jauch

A Robotic Revolution

Robotic mitral valve repair, now available at MUSC Health, achieves similar outcomes to open surgery with less pain and a quicker recovery for select patients

Necessity Spurs Invention

MUSC Children’s Health offers a new shuntless technique, developed in Africa, to address hydrocephalus

Agents of Change

Specialists at the MUSC Breast Center innovate to advance care for women with breast cancer

Rewriting Fate

Gene editing as tool and treatment


Progressnotes CME Articles

Progressnotes is pleased to offer continuing education opportunities in an effort to meet the educational needs of our audience of health care professionals and to address the health care challenges of South Carolina, particularly its high burden of chronic illness. Each issue of Progressnotes, with the exception of the Year in Review, will offer one CME-eligible article along with a sister telepresentation on a related subject through the South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium’s SCHOOLS program. The telepresentation is typically scheduled within a month or so of the article’s publication, recorded as enduring CME, and made available at

Loosening the Grip of Physician Burnout

Loss of autonomy fuels burnout. Involving physicians and other clinicians in designing burnout interventions could be an important step toward a solution





MUSC Welcomes New Chief of Endocrinology

Noted diabetes research Timothy J. Lyons, M.D. joins our care team