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Welcome to the Spring 2017 issue of Progressnotes

Progressnotes is the quarterly magazine of the Medical University of South Carolina. Our mission is to keep you abreast of the latest clinical and scientific innovations through engaging and scientifically sophisticated prose. Browse our latest articles below and sign up for electronic notifications of exclusive digital-only content and published-ahead-of-print content.


In Short

In Short articles concisely describe innovative procedures, diagnostic tools, or treatment approaches available at MUSC Health, sometimes as part of a clinical trial, and summarize preliminary findings from MUSC research.

Bold Prediction

Brain circuit that supports smoking cessation identified

A Rare Find

Stem cell drug screen yields potential alternative to statins

Little Events, Big Difference

The lasting effects of ministrokes may contribute to dementia

Treatment Hope for Sickle Cell Disease

A new drug shows clinical efficacy and safety in preventing sickle cell crises

Sight for Sore Eyes

Plaque brachytherapy saves vision in some patients with melanoma of the eye

Uncloaking Cancer

Novel cancer immunotherapy shows preclinical promise

Uncovering Hidden Genetic Risk Factors

Risk factor for autoimmune disease found in an underexplored genomic region

Growing Up Fast

Hospital medicine comes into its own




Feature articles explore a clinical or research innovation at MUSC in some depth, highlighting how it advances or could potentially expand treatment options over traditional therapy.

Novel Strategy Turns Liver Cancer Therapy Inside Out

Transarterial embolization using Yttrium 90 microspheres for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Treating the Irregular Heartbeat

Expanded program provides the most advanced care for cardiac arrhythmias

Restoring Choice

Two decades of MUSC research suggest that an over-the-counter antioxidant could help those recovering from addiction avoid relapse by controlling intrusive thoughts



Progressnotes CME Articles

Progressnotes is pleased to offer continuing education opportunities in an effort to meet the educational needs of our audience of health care professionals and to address the health care challenges of South Carolina, particularly its high burden of chronic illness. Each issue of Progressnotes, with the exception of the Year in Review, will offer one CME-eligible article along with a sister telepresentation on a related subject through the South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium’s SCHOOLS program. The telepresentation is typically scheduled within a month or so of the article’s publication, recorded as enduring CME, and made available at

Turning Point

Improving the care of young adults with sickle cell disease





Interview with Gustavo W. Leone, Ph.D.

MUSC Hollings Cancer Center's new director

MUSC Health Welcomes Jerry A. Mansfield, Ph.D., RN, NEA-BC

New executive chief nursing officer and chief patient experience officer