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Telehealth Objectives for 2014

Establish Statewide Collaboration to Enhance the Impact of Telehealth Initiatives

Objective 1

To move the needle on health outcomes in rural areas, collaborate and extend reach to outer edges of South Carolina.

Create an Open-Access Telehealth Network for South Carolina

Objective 2

MUSC is establishing an open-access telehealth network that will allow all providers to collaborate, consult, and receive educational support directly.

Telestroke Expansion

Objective 3

The REACH MUSC program, a telestroke outreach initiative. 


Objective 4

Tele-ICU provides access to critical care services at the Medical University of South Carolina. 

School-Based Telehealth Clinics

Objective 5

School-based telehealth clinics delivered directly to children in the school setting. 

Improve Access to Health Education for Providers and Patients

Objective 6

Tele-education improves access to health education for providers and patients. 

Encourage Telehealth Development and Innovation

Objective 7

Telehealth development and innovation grant program in development.