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Opening a Portal on the Future of Care Delivery

The Center for Telehealth, directed by James T. McElligott, M.D., is establishing a statewide telehealth network that is tailored to the needs of South Carolina and intended to improve access of the state’s residents to quality specialty care. Telehealth offers an innovative solution to providing better access to specialists by bringing specialty care to patients rather than asking them to come to the care, thereby removing barriers to care faced by rural residents, including lost time from work, transportation needs, and child care costs. With a $12 million grant from the state, MUSC’s Center for Telehealth is now offering 10 programs to more than 80 sites (inclusive of educational sites) throughout South Carolina. For fiscal year 2014, It has developed an ambitious but attainable set of seven objectives, which are detailed in this section of the Year-in-Review.

Seven Telehealth Objectives for 2014

The Center for Telehealth at MUSC receives grant to establish a statewide telehealth network that is intended to improve access to quality specialty care.

Decreasing the Preterm Birth Rate Through Telehealth

Expecting Better: Improving South Carolina's Scorecard for High-Risk Pregnancies Through Telemedicine.

Treating PTSD Through TeleMental Health

Laying Ghosts to Rest: Helping Patients Confront Traumatic Memories Through TeleMental Health

TeleMental Health

MUSC Offers TeleMental Health Services to Troubled Youth by providing the teleservices of three licensed psychiatrists.

The Virtual TeleConsult Clinic

Providing Specialty Consults via Telehealth, the virtual teleconsult clinic at MUSC saves time and money without sacrificing quality of care for patients.

The Southeastern Virtual Institute for Health Equity and Wellness

Providing much needed access to medical care in remote areas where rural residents may be reluctant or not have the means to travel to MUSC for care.

Improving Veterans' Access to Health Care

The Health Equity and Rural Outreach Innovation Center, directed by Leonard E. Egede, M.D. is removing barriers to improve the health of military veterans.

Improving Access to Pediatric Critical Care Through Telehealth

With no time to waste, Dr. David McSwain, MUSC's assistant professor of pediatric critical care, designs just what is needed.