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A Robust Phase 1 Cancer Clinical Trials Program

Learn more about the Phase 1 Cancer Clinical Trials Program at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center
Dr. Carolyn D. Britten, Director of Phase 1 Clinical Trials at MUSC's Hollings Cancer Center

Carolyn D. Britten, M.D., joined MUSC’s Hollings Cancer Center in 2012 as Director of Phase 1 Clinical Trials (solid organ), attracted by MUSC’s commitment to and infrastructure for drug discovery and its high rate of clinical trial participation (14.7%). She also saw it well positioned to host phase 1 trials because of its expertise in three areas of intense interest to pharmaceutical companies as they develop a new generation of anti-cancer drugs: lipidomics (see lipidomics article on page 48), PIM3 (Andrew S. Kraft, M.D.; Michael B. Lilly, M.D.), and reduction-oxidation (Kenneth D. Tew, PhD, DSc).

Phase 1 trials are the first trials of a new drug or a new combination of drugs in humans. A strong phase 1 clinical trial program for solid tumors at Hollings Cancer Center provides access to novel compounds to the region’s cancer patients, even those with very rare cancers, who would otherwise have few available treatment options. (Most phase 1 trials can be conducted in any population of patients with a solid organ cancer).

Dr. Britten has developed a hub-and-spoke model for phase 1 trials, meaning that specialists in a variety of solid organ tumors participate in phase 1 trials but also have the capacity to take the compound into phase 2 trial in their area of solid organ specialty.

Novel compounds currently or soon to be in phase 1 trial at Hollings Cancer Center include a sphingosine kinase 2 inhibitor (first-in-class), a TRKA inhibitor, PI3 kinase inhibitors, and a PDL1 antibody. View the most up-to-date list of available phase 1 trials at Hollings Cancer Center.