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MUSC Health CareLink Frequently Asked Questions

What is MUSC Health CareLink?

MUSC Health CareLink is a web-based application designed to connect community practices to a view-only version of the MUSC Health EMR system. It provides community users secure access to select patient information in MUSC Health’s Epic data repository. Community users include:

  • Referring and referred-to providers
  • Practice and support staff delegates
  • Practice managers/nurse managers
  • Referral coordinators

What kind of computer equipment does MUSC Health CareLink require?

To access MUSC Health CareLink, you will need a PC or Macintosh computer, a high-speed internet connection (dial-up not recommended), and a supported Web browser such as Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11; Mozilla Firefox 10 or later; and Google Chrome on the Windows operating systems. Macintosh operating system users can use Mozilla Firefox 10 or later, Google Chrome, or Safari. Java is also needed to display graphs and scanned images. If there are hospital or practice security systems installed, it is recommended that your IT support person contact the MUSC Health CareLink liaison at to coordinate access.

Is there a fee for using MUSC Health CareLink?

MUSC Health provides access at no cost.

What information is available within MUSC Health CareLink? 

MUSC Health CareLink provides view-only access to the patient's full MUSC Health medical record. This information includes: lab results, diagnostic test results, hospitalization records, procedural information, discharge summaries, progress notes, medications, allergies, medical history, and more.

How do I sign up for MUSC Health CareLink?

Please refer to the MUSC Health CareLink enrollment guide (pdf) for an overview of the enrollment process.

How do I add new users to my practice, reset forgotten passwords, and update demographic information?

The Manage My Clinic utility equips the site administrator of your practice (usually the practice or office manager) with the ability to tackle all of these requests. If you do not know who your site administrator is, please contact your practice manager or contact the MUSC Health CareLink Liaison at

If I forget my password, whom should I contact for assistance?

The site administrator has the ability to reset your password. If you do not know who your site administrator is, please contact your practice manager or contact the MUSC Health CareLink Liaison at

Can I view any patient’s record?

HIPAA allows records to be viewed only for patient treatment. Therefore, you should view only your patients’ records. Records should never be viewed out of curiosity.

Will I be notified of Emergency Department visits?

Yes. If you are identified as the PCP or referring provider or listed as a member of the patient’s care team within MUSC’s Epic system, an event notification will be sent to your “event monitor.” The “event monitor” is located on the home tab in MUSC Health CareLink. Click an event in the “event monitor” to access more information about your patient. "Event monitor” messages populate for ED visits, inpatient admissions and discharges, outpatient encounters, results, and new patient notifications. 

Can I print the results of labs and/or radiology tests performed at MUSC Health?

Yes. You can print directly from the clinicals tab in MUSC Health CareLink. To print documents, locate and click the printer icon found in the upper right corner of the page. MUSC Health CareLink is configured to use windows-based printing. No additional printer setup is required.

Can I send a message to a physician or other staff member at MUSC Health?

Yes. MUSC Health CareLink provides a communication tool called “in basket,” which allows community practices to send and receive messages securely through MUSC Health’s Epic electronic health record.    

How can I view a patient’s record if he is not found on my patient list?

The “search all patients” utility is part of your patient list, which requires four unique patient identifiers to access a patient record. To learn more about “search all patients,” refer to the MUSC Health CareLink Quick Start Guide on the home page or email the MUSC Health CareLink Liaison at

How does MUSC Health CareLink notify me of events that occur for my patients?   

The “event monitor” helps track important events, such as inpatient admissions or appointment cancellations. Users can configure their event monitor settings to control which notifications they will receive. 

If I have completed some diagnostic testing at my community practice or hospital, can I upload it into MUSC Health CareLink?

MUSC Health CareLink does not allow external information to be uploaded into the MUSC Health EMR. To share diagnostic studies with MUSC physicians, please call MEDULINE at 800-922-5250 for assistance. 

Can I view a radiology study in MUSC Health CareLink?

Yes. Radiology studies can be viewed under the radiology tab within “chart review.” Click the image study to open a report and a link to the PACs image. The viewer that is used to accomplish this is called XERO. When the PACS link in the report is clicked, XERO will open the image in a new window.

Is training available for MUSC Health CareLink?

Yes. Training is encouraged; however, it is not required for access. Training for MUSC Health CareLink is provided through an Adobe Connect session. Training is also available in person at your office by request.

Whom do I contact to request a training session?

To schedule a training session, please send an email request to: Please include your name, practice name, contact information and your expected timeline to receive training.