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MUSC Health Pastoral/Spiritual Care

Pastoral Care Services represents and implements MUSC Health’s commitment to the spiritual/religious concerns of patients, families and staff and strives to foster a community that values personal wholeness, interpersonal reconciliation and human dignity.

Chaplain Staff

Pastoral Care Philosophy

The policy of MUSC Health is to "meet the spiritual/religious needs of patients, families, and staff while respecting their individual values, beliefs, and religious orientation." Human beings are not only physical, but also spiritual, emotional and relational beings; health care must therefore be directed to the whole person.

When patients are hospitalized they bring much more than their physical illness with them. Indeed, they bring along the entire complexity of their lives including their struggles with relationships, with work, with finances, perhaps with chronic illness, and with their own faith. They also bring with them the resources of their lives such as family relationships, friendships, and religious/spiritual as well as cultural traditions. The health care system must take all these factors into account in order to offer effective health care. Recognizing that the hospital environment is both physically and spiritually taxing, it is necessary to also address the spiritual needs of hospital staff in order for them to provide optimal health care.

Since spirituality is at the core of what defines each person's understanding and practice of what gives their life meaning, purpose and value, and is intrinsically personal, Pastoral Care Services offers these services on an interfaith or individual basis with sensitivity and respect for the broad diversity of religious practices and beliefs of the staff and patient population.


Pastoral Care Services

Our chaplains can offer many services to patients, family members, and staff. We can assist with Advance Directives, living wills, and health care power of attorney. 

Our Chaplains & Chapels

Meet the chaplains and staff who are here to help you and see our four on-campus chapels,

For Visiting Clergy

If you are a clergy member from the community, find out information about identification, parking, and MUSC chaplain support.

Bereavement Resources

MUSC Health Pastoral Care staff realize that people deal with death in a variety of ways. We have compiled a list of resources for those who have lost a loved one or those who face a potential loss.


Read these bimonthly Caring Spirit Newsletters (pdf).

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Information about our office hours, pager numbers, and office location.

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