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Employee Training

Providing intense MINDFUL training for our foodservice employees enables them to service our customers better and will also provide them with the knowledge and skills to impact their own lives by making healthier choices.

The MINDFUL training program consists of four (4) modules:tasting image

Module 1:MINDFUL Introduction     

The MINDFUL Introduction provides employees with an overview of the principles associated with the MINDFUL wellness program. The mission of the MINDFUL program is to improve the quality of life of our MUSC customers and employees by offering fresh and tasty recipes that meet national health and nutrition criteria.

Module 2: MINDFUL Nutrition

The MINDFUL Nutrition module focuses on the nutrition principles of MINDFUL.  An emphasis is placed on discovering essential nutrients, understanding ingredient choices, and defining calorie and nutrient density.

Module 3: MINDFUL Culinary

The MINDFUL Culinary module centers around healthy cooking techniques, recipe compliance, and understanding portion control.  Learn to utilize healthy ingredients by capturing delicious blends of tastes and flavors.

Module 4: MINDFUL Service

Promoting and marketing the MINDFUL program is a key component in helping customers make better food choices.  After completing this module, the employee will have a better understanding of how to interact with customers and utilize marketing skills (i.e. promotion tools, food displays, plating and portioning techniques).