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Better Tomorrow Plan logoSodexo, the international food service company that runs the food service on the MUSC campus, is working toward a brighter future. In 2009, Sodexo launched a plan for a more sustainable future, the Better Tomorrow Plan, which details 14 commitments aimed at protecting and restoring the environment, supporting local community development, and promoting health and wellness. Through collaboration, Sodexo, MUSC, our customers, and suppliers are making incremental changes on a scale that can make a real difference.

Sustainable Sourcing

Sodexo sources only sustainably certified fish and seafood and is a Good Catch partner with the SC Aquarium. Rainforest Alliance coffee is served in the cafeterias and Fair Trade coffee at Starbucks. Sodexo seasonally serves locally grown produce and sports the Fresh on the Menu designation by the S.C. Dept. of Agriculture.

Healthy & Vegetarian Options

Sodexo promotes choices with reduced sugar, salt, and fats. At MUSC, healthy options are available daily as denoted by the “Mindful” logo and nutritional information at the point of selection. Sodexo also provides several vegetarian options daily including a vegetarian entrée on the hot line on “Meatless Mondays.”

Reducing Waste

The MUSC Cafeteria strives to reduce, reuse and recycle. The single pull napkin dispensers and Smart Stock dispensing systems for cutlery can reduce waste by up to 25 percent and since each piece of cutlery is not individually wrapped, they reduce unnecessary packaging. Sodexo also uses bio-based disposable products, which require less water and energy to produce than petroleum, and compostable products which can be included with other food waste into compostable systems. Sodexo offers a price discount to customers who use a reusable cup and, since 2012, has composted tons food scraps from its kitchen and the patient tray line. More information about composting at MUSC.