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E-Journal Club

The MUSC Health registered dietitians, who participate on the Nutrition Support Team, conduct Journal Club meetings once per month. Nutrition research articles are reviewed and discussed in depth. The research article reviews include a summary, author's result and conclusion, evaluation, and a take home message.

e-jounral club E-Journal Club
Below are links to articles reviewed by MUSC registered dietitians. All are in pdf format.

Omega-3–Enriched Lipid Emulsion for Liver Salvage in Parenteral Nutrition–Induced Cholestasis in the Adult Patient

Enteral Versus Parenteral Nutrition: The Patient's Preference

Impact of Enteral Feeding Protocols on Enteral Nutrition Delivery

Safety and Efficacy of Fish Oil-Enriched Parenteral Nutrition Regimen on Postoperative Patients Undergoing Major Abdominal Surgery

Fish Oil Lipid Emulsions and Immune Response

Defining and Classifying Cancer Cachexia

Feasibility of Implementing a Reduced Fasting Protocol for Critically Ill Trauma Patients

Effects of ONS in Elderly Patients

Home Parenteral Nutrition for Inoperable Malignant Bowel Obstruction

Higher Protein Intake Preserves Lean Mass and Satiety with Weight Loss in Pre-Obese and Obese Women

Behavioral Aspects of Nutrition in Children with Cystic Fibrosis

Classifying Preadolescent Boys Based on Their Weight Status and Percent Body Fat Produces Different Groups

Bariatric Nutrition: Suggestions for the Surgical Weight Loss Patient

Perioperative Total Parenteral Nutrition in Surgical Patients

Underweight as a Predictor of Diabetes in Older Adults

Preoperative Weight Loss with a Very-Low-Energy Diet: Quantitation of Changes in Liver and Abdominal Fat by Serial Imaging

Nut, Corn, and Popcorn Consumption and the Incidence of Diverticular Disease

A Qualitative Investigation Into the Levers and Barriers to Weight Loss in Children: Opinions of Obese Children

Do Sack Lunches Provided by Parents Meet the Nutritional Needs of Young Children Who Attended Child Care?