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Please Read Carefully

MUSC Medical Center Employees are committed to practicing professional behaviors by providing COMPASSION in patient care, teaching and research; promoting an environment that promotes TEAMWORK and DIVERSITY; taking ACCOUNTABILITY for outcomes; and embracing INNOVATION.

Individually Employees, as well as Applicants, must pledge to practice the following standards of professional behavior for the benefit of our patients and colleagues and the betterment of MUSC.


I will:

  • Pleasantly greet and introduce myself to others.
  • Be an active listener by maintaining eye contact and using appropriate body language to communicate that I am listening.
  • Strive to be attentive, respectful, and responsive in caring for the needs of patients.
  • Use kind words and actions to show empathy when others are distressed.
  • Advocate for the wellbeing and concerns of patients and families.
  • Help others when asked or communicate the need for assistance if I cannot be of help.

I will:

  • Welcome new members to my team and offer them my assistance and support.
  • Listen to and try to understand the needs and opinions of my team.
  • Share ideas, knowledge, and information required by my team and others to do their work.
  • Engage team members in key decisions that affect our work.
  • Promote inter-professional and interdisciplinary collaboration and understanding.
  • Offer to assist my teammates when my tasks are completed.
  • Seek to resolve differences by communicating in a direct and respectful manner.
  • Hold my team and myself accountable for appropriate safe behavior by speaking up.

I will:

  • Respect the individuality, privacy, and dignity of patients, visitors, and colleagues.
  • Provide a welcoming environment for all.
  • Show respect for all employees regardless of their position or role in the organization.
  • Support equality and inclusion for all by remaining nonbiased in my interactions and not treating anyone differently on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, national origin, race, economic status or physical characteristics.
  • Speak up or intervene when workplace bullying or discrimination is observed.

I will:

  • Demonstrate pride in my work and do what is expected of me with timeliness and quality.
  • Know and abide by the policies that specifically pertain to my work area and role.
  • Uphold patient, employee, and institutional confidentiality.
  • Be on time and ready for work and meetings.
  • Dress appropriately for my position or while on the premises of MUSC including wearing my badge at lapel level.
  • Practice etiquette by allowing visitors to enter and exit doorways, hallways, and elevators first and offering to assist them if they are lost or need directions.
  • Take pride in the MUSC campus by maintaining a safe and clean work environment.
  • Share information and respond to communications  in a timely and professional manner.
  • Refrain from negatively commenting on MUSC’s culture, services, patients, employees, or guests.
  • Be fiscally conservative by not wasting time or resources


I will:

  • Support a focus on positive changes in the institution.
  • Bring forward opportunities for improvement and not wait for an adverse event to happen.
  • Support a culture of innovation by asking and accepting questions.
  • Encourage ideas from others.
  • Contribute my ideas for the purpose of continuous improvement, problem solving, and learning.
  • Accept responsibility for my own learning.

I have reviewed the MUSC Medical Center's "Standards of Behavior" and agree to abide by the contents of the Standards. 
Click "Accept" to confirm your commitment.


I have reviewed the MUSC Medical Center's "Standards of Behavior" and DO NOT agree to abide by the contents of the Standards. 
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