Join us as we celebrate Earth Day on Tuesday, April 15, from 11am to 2pm with a festival on the horseshoe.

Earth Day exhibits and learning demonstrations include:
Making non-toxic lip balm - MUSC Coalition for Prevention
Planting dwarf evergreen trees - Schneider Tree Company
Rain water harvesting and Composting - several locations
Environmental Health Exhibit - by Louis Guillette, Ph.D. Endowed Chair Marine Biomedicine & Environmental Sciences
Products made from recycled materials - Caroline's cart made by Multiplastics/Sonoco Recycling and many more examples of what your recycling can become from shirts, pens to jewelry
Soil samples: collection and analysis by Clemson Extension and master Gardeners

Door prizes - at least 15 winners.
- Kona Ice party - one hour, you schedule it!
- Gold Pass from Charleston County Parks
- Box of fresh produce from Pinckney Farm CSA
- Non-toxic landscape and pest control supplies from Possum
- Two backpacks and recycled cotton polo shirts with MUSC logo
- Jewelry made of recycled materials
- Coffee, Preserves, Kettle Corn and Honey
- Set of 3 soy candles
- Reusable cups from Charleston County Library
- Refillable water bottles from APP/MUSC Uniforms
- B2P = Bottle to Pens or recycled plastic pens from Office Max

Why not put it on your calendar and plan to participate in MUSC's celebration of Earth Day.