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Submitted by Aimee Taylor

I was transferred from Coastal Carolina hospital in Hardeeville on Thursday Aug 28th with an infection on my spine. Upon arrival to MUSC I was treated as if I was the only patient in the hospital. I was greeted with a team of doctors, residents and nurses with the ut most professionalism. I was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis. I didn't even know how to pronounce it much less know what it was. The team of Doctors and Nurses went straight to work and figure out how to make me as comfortable as possible. Im currently still in the Hospital here at MUSC and just wanted to share how I have been treated with the best care ever. I have been to dozens of facilitates with my mother during her years with an incurable illness and MUSC has topped them all. To all the staff of 10 East y'all are the best.

I would like to give honor Dr. Robert Warren pediatric rheumatology, he diagnosed me with lupus aprox. 35 years ago. Fantastic physician you have there, I have the greatest respect for him. Love him.

Thank You Dr. Warren for your steadfastness, kindness and amazing insight into your medical knowledge.

Love ,
Kelly Siner, Princeton, W.Va.


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