On December 1, 2016, Air Force Sgt. Chris Goodwin and his newborn celebrated their birthdays together in what was MUSC Health’s first cesarean experience via FaceTime. His wife, Jessica, asked her obstetrician if they could bring a smartphone into the OR since her husband is serving in the Middle East. David Soper, M.D., agreed, knowing how much of a family man Chris is.

Jessica, who was relieved to have her husband ‘virtually’ present, said he’s the type of guy who likes to take care of others. He even changed hard-to-reach light bulbs before he left so she wouldn’t have to.Mom with baby and FaceTime on cell phone

“Chris is the kindest person I know, and he would do just about anything for anyone. He is everyone’s ‘go-to’ person, if that makes sense. If you need something done, he's the person to ask. He will always find a way to help people, but he always puts his family first.”

There are some moments that are not to be missed, and this was definitely one of them. Jessica says parenthood has changed both of them.

“The little moments are now the big moments. The best way to explain it is that I've now learned how to live with my heart outside of my chest.” 

Chris says he’s so thankful for the staff making it happen. “It’s indescribable. I don’t know what I would do without being over there in some kind of way,” he says, admitting that he shed tears during several moments of the birth.

“Of course, I cried. I’m trying to hold it back now just talking about it. If you don’t cry at the birth of your son, then something’s wrong with you.”

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