Kathy Bull remembers the pure delight she felt 33 years ago gazing at the tiny face of her newborn. “I was happy. It was my first child, and I was ecstatic over her. I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world.”

That was before she was told she would be sent to MUSC to find out more about the “heart murmur” her daughter had. The doctor asked the new mother to sit in a wheelchair as he broke the news.

“I knew this wasn’t going to be good. He started writing down what was wrong. He would write a No. 1 and then write out a defect and explain what it was. Then he would write No. 2, parenthesis and write another defect out. Then No. 3, No. 4., No. 5. By No. 5, I kind of lost it. She had so many severe, congenital heart defects.”

The next 30 years would be a whirlwind of hospitals, surgeries, prayers and miracles. When her daughter announced she wanted to get pregnant, Bull didn’t know if they should tempt fate.

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