The South Carolina Telehealth Alliance is an unprecedented collaboration of academic medical centers, community hospitals and providers, government leaders and other entities that believe all South Carolina residents should and can have access to quality health care, while effectively managing the cost of providing care.

Telehealth promises to improve access to quality care, especially for underserved populations. To fully realize that promise, the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance was formed to encourage a spirit of collaboration among all stakeholders in telehealth, including three of the state’s largest health systems-MUSC Health, Palmetto Health, and Greenville Health-as well as community hospitals, providers, hospital administrators and governmental agencies. This Alliance will be unique in the nation and could not only transform health care delivery in this state

The collaborating service providers of the Alliance will work closely with Palmetto Care Connections, a non-profit telehealth support network, to integrate these innovative approaches to care into South Carolina's communities and existing health systems to ensure a lasting and mutually beneficial future for our state, but also serve as a model for doing so across the country. More information on the value of telehealth, the formation of the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance and ways to bring the best medical care to all of South Carolina is available at Please visit the site and view all the public service announcements.