Guest Post by:
Bobby Weisenberger, ATC, PES
Head Athletic Trainer Charleston Battery
MUSC Sports Medicine

Practice Days

7:30am: Arrive at stadium about a half an hour before the players show up. Sidelines are prepped for the day’s practice. This consists of filling ice coolers and water bottles.

8:00am: First round of players show up at injury clinic for treatment and rehabilitation. This ranges from electric stimulation, ultrasound, and or hot/cold treatments.

8:30am: All non-injured players arrive for taping, stretching and mandatory weigh-ins.

9:00am: Warm-ups begin. I speak with the coaching staff about injured players’ status. Coach is advised who’s in or out of training. Training sessions typically last 1 ½ hours and during that time, I will be doing on-field rehabilitation with players who are close to returning to full play while keeping a close eye on the field, looking for and taking care of any new injuries that occur. In addition, I refill water bottles. HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION. In the summertime heat and humidity where heat indexes easily reach 115, this cannot be stressed enough.

10:30am: As training wraps up I return to the training room where another round of treatments is performed on injured players. Recovery exercises and whirlpool treatments are also coordinated.

11:30am: When all of the players weigh out and leave for the day I will work on injury reports, and fill out treatment notes on injured players. I prepare and send out a daily injury report to our team physicians, team physical therapist, and coaching staff so that everyone is made aware of player’s statuses on a daily basis.

12:30pm: Leave for the day! Though, the job never ends. Players have my mobile number and are encouraged to call me for any medical concerns they may have. I coordinate their medical appointments and ancillary services throughout the MUSC network.

Game Days

4:30pm: Arrive at Blackbaud Stadium, to set up the home and visiting locker rooms as well as both sides of the field with injury ice and water.

5:30pm: Injured players arrive. I work with them and our team physical therapist doing treatments and rehabilitations.

6:00pm: Players who are on the roster for the night’s game will arrive at and I will tape and assist with any types of warm-up exercises/treatments they may need.

7:30pm Kickoff! During the game I will keep a close eye on the game and take care of any injuries that may occur. After the game, I will work with our team physician to access and provide treatment for any injuries that have occurred during the game.

10:30pm: Goodnight!