Our May employees of the month were nominated by co-workers for their outstanding performance. Thanks to our employees who go the extra mile to provide a better experience to all at MUSC Health.

Nathaniel Alston
Mr. Nat Alston generally works in the Radiology dept. located in 1 West ED. He is the consummate 'people person' working his every present smile and exuberant personality on patients, families and other staff. If you ever walk down a hall behind him, you'll see him greet EVERYBODY with a warm smile that just brightens the day. Recently, two weeks earlier and this week during nurses’ week, Nat bought Subway lunches, on his own accord and with his own money for 1 West staff who could not get to lunch. On these two occasions, the boarder census and trauma activity was such that the staff simply could not break away. When I first heard of Nat's generosity, I thanked him and asked if I could reimburse him. He flat out refused any offer. I heard today that Nat again saw that the 1 West staff was not going to get to lunch in a timely way, so he stepped in again, unasked, and brought subways to them. Nat’s extraordinary generosity, team spirit, and positive personality impact MUHA in very significant ways and I would like thank and recognize him profusely!

Brandy Hunt
Patient Access Services

Brandy Hunt
Congratulations Brandy!

I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about not only an exemplary MUSC employee but an exceptional person. I have had the privilege of working with Brandy Hunt for about a year now. From the first day that she started doing our registration for Rutledge Tower 6th floor Peds HemOnc and Sickle Cell clinics she was a member of our Team! Brandy quickly became a valuable resource to not only our nursing staffing but most importantly our patients. She is a friendly face, an ear to listen when they need it and also as I'm soon to tell you a Good Samaritan. Last Thursday one of our Peds Oncology patients had checked out with Brandy and returned a few hours later. The patient’s mom was somewhat distressed since they had been experiencing care trouble for the two hours since checking out. Mom just wanted to see if she could get her child a few snacks from clinic since they were waiting on the tow truck and didn’t have any extra money. Brandy who always has snacks for our patients at her desk, which she buys on her own to give as treats, gave mom the snacks and then went an extra step further and gave mom all the cash she had on her so that they could go to the cafe. Only later in the day did I learn of this not because Brandy was seeking credit for her act of kindness but because she was worried she had done something wrong by not letting me know there was an issue with one of our clinic patients. Not only did Brandy handle the situation on her own, she went above and beyond! I was completely moved by Brandy's generosity and giving spirit, that is why I believe at the least, that Brandy is deserving of employee of the month. Brandy is what MUSC excellence stands for and I am grateful that she is there for us and our patients.