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Oculoplastic & Reconstructive Surgery Services

It's one of life's ironies — those who laugh and smile the most are sometimes the first to develop wrinkles and bags around the eyes. Not to mention the damaging effects of sun exposure, late nights working in front of a computer or simple heredity. The good news is that lines around the eyes, along with drooping or sagging skin, can be corrected with remarkable results.

The Storm Eye Institute at MUSC Health offers both medically necessary and elective cosmetic procedures such as wrinkle reduction, eyelifts, reconstructive surgery, Botox® treatments and skin care that can make you look and feel your best.

Our expert physicians offer a level of service distinctly different from traditional plastic surgeons, and respect and honor each patient's need for privacy, expertise and quality of treatment.

Derived from the Greek word plastikos, the term plastic surgery means "to change." Whether you simply want to freshen your appearance and enhance your self-image, or have a medical emergency and require eyelid repair and tissue replacement, the Storm Eye Institute can facilitate change for patients by combining the latest plastic surgery techniques with expert training and knowledge in the anatomy and behavior of the eyes.

At the Storm Eye Institute our patients are our top priority. The patient relationship begins with a thorough eye exam and consultation and ends by answering all questions and discussing various treatment options. We remain focused on you and your eye-related cosmetic needs so that you can focus on more important things — life.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in eye-related plastic or cosmetic services, contact the Storm Eye Institute at 843-792-2020.