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Cerebrospinal Fluid

CSF leaks and encephaloceles occur when there is a defect in the bony skull base and the lining around the brain herniates into the sinus cavity. This can occur due to prior surgery, trauma or other reasons. If there is a tear in the lining, then CSF, the fluid that surround the brain, can leak into the nose. Patients have a drippy nose, like a leaking faucet. CSF leaks and encephaloceles are repaired endoscopically in order to reduce the risk of meningitis or other infections around the brain. Our team has published over 30 articles describing our findings and techniques for repairing CSF leaks and skull base defects after endoscopic surgery and has some of the largest series of these cases in the country.

CSF Leak 1CSF leak 2
Defect in skull base with brain dropping down into nasal cavity (encephalocele)MRI scan showing spinal fluid (bright) leaking from brain into the sinus cavity

Education & Research

Learn about our commitment to teach physicians to care for sinus conditions through our basic science research, clinical research, fellowship offerings, events and publications.

Education and Research