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Preventative Services

Stress Management

The fast pace of our work and home have increased employee stress. Stress levels and depression are one of the strongest factors that influence high utilization of medical benefits. Helping your employees and work teams understand unhealthy stress is a key business imperative. 

Programs and Services

Group workshops and leadership programs are available for your employee population. Programs as simple as one-time sessions with on-line resources for employees or more comprehensive approaches with training sessions for leaders and on-site activities such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga are also available.

A Typical Approach

Many employers have followed similar steps to help employees manage stress. We will tailor our programs to meet your unique needs and requests.

  1. Employee health risk survey
  2. Group Sessions on Stress Management
  3. Leadership Stress Management Training
  4. Quarterly Summary Report of Participation, Satisfaction, Outcomes

Healthy Back

Back injury is a leading cause of lost productivity, absenteeism and medical claims within musculoskeletal issues. Acute and chronic issues related to back care increase costs in disability, worker’s compensation, medical claims and pharmacy costs. 

Programs and Services

Our underlying principle is preventing injury through strengthening and lifestyle habits. We provide a full menu of services for your employees. Examples of our most commonly delivered programs are outlined below.

  • Group Workshops on Healthy Lifestyles and Preventing Back Injuries
  • Individual and Group Programs Through Telehealth and Video Links
  • Referrals to Related Lifestyle Programs, Weight Management, Tobacco Free

A Typical Approach

Many employers have followed similar steps to help employee’s lower back injuries. We will tailor our programs to meet your unique needs and requests.

  1. Phone Review of Program Specifications
  2. On-site Visit to Confirm Program Delivery
  3. Group Workshop Sessions

Active Lifestyle

Less than one in four Americans meet the minimum daily standard for physical activity. If there was a magic pill to promote health, it would be as powerful as 30 minutes of activity per day. Employers have tremendous influence on promoting physical activity through policies and physical environment considerations. 

Programs and Services

Our Programs are robust and cover a full range of workplace and off-site services. We have group sessions, individual fitness plan design, high-tech fitness assessments as well as consulting sessions for your strategic approach. We will tailor our approach based on your workforce needs, physical facilities and the intensity of programs you desire. 


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