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About This Site

Definition and Purpose ( is the official Internet site for the Medical University Hospital Authority (MUHA) of the Medical University of South Carolina. The purpose of the homepage is to provide a single point of entry to information about the services, physicians, departments and resources found within the Medical Center and it’s Affiliates.

The MUHA homepage is structured using portals for each of the primary user audiences served. The use of distinct portals allows users to self-identify as they come to the homepage and in doing so, allow them to follow the pathway that makes the most sense given their need for information. The portals serve consumers, patients, healthcare professionals, job seekers and those interested in the educational and research programs at both the Medical University Hospital Authority, the Medical University of South Carolina and it’s affiliated practices. (The official Internet site for the Medical University of South Carolina and it’s Colleges may be found at:


MUHA Web development and the coordinated management of is provided by the Web Resource Services Team (WRST) of the Department of Business Development and Marketing Services. The WRST is responsible for technical oversight of the Web site. Under the direction of the Department Director, WRST Manager, the MUHA Marketing Advisory Committee, the WRST has the responsibility of defining the site's functionality, interface design, information architecture, and navigation.

Areas of responsibility include the MUHA homepage found at: and all primary portal pages and to some extent their secondary pages, and any sites integrated into the primary navigation of the site including maps, calendars, search engine, departmental and program information, and directories. The WRST is also responsible for the content of these pages. Through the use of a standardized template, the WRST is responsible for maintaining consistent design and navigation across the entire MUHA Web site. Content residing on specific departmental Web sites is the responsibility of the individual department.

Funding of this Site

This site is funded solely by the Medical University Hospital Authority  (MUHA) and does not accept any advertising revenue. In some cases you may note links to trusted third parties. In most cases these links have been placed on our site in order to acknowledge their contribution of patient educational materials or other reference materials which have been provided to MUHA for use on its web site.

Viewing Our Site

This site has been thoroughly tested across multiple browsers, platforms, operating systems, and monitor resolutions. Graphics, images, and scripting used on the homepage and portal pages have been optimized for the fastest download possible. The site has been developed using a responsive design platform so that it can be optimally viewed on PCs of different resolutions, tablets, and phones. Some pages of this site have been optimized to work with JavaScript and cookies enabled, so please ensure that these features are enabled for your browser.

The MUHA homepage and portal pages have been designed to meet standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act.