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MUSC Health ICCE Chiefs

MUSC Health’s clinical leadership is committed to care models that improve the patient experience and achieve optimal patient outcomes. These care models are organized into Integrated Centers of Clinical Excellence (ICCE) with a ICCE Chief overseeing the achievement of these goals.

Dr. Prabhakar K. Baliga

Prabhakar K. Baliga, M.D.

Dr Alice Boylan

Alice M. Boylan, M.D.
Acute, Critical, and Trauma

Dr. Carlee Clark

Carlee A. Clark, M.D.

Dr Steven Carroll

Steve L. Carroll, M.D.

Dr. Phillip Costello

Philip Costello, M.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Cluver

Jeff Cluver, M.D.
Mental Health

Dr. Thomas DiSalvo

Thomas G. DiSalvo, M.D., MBA
Heart & Vascular

Dr. David Habib

David Habib, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Brenda Hoffman

Branda J. Hoffman, M.D.
Digestive Disease, Endocrine & Metabolism

Dr. Thomas Keane

Thomas E. Keane, M.D.
Specialty Surgery

Dr. David Mahvi

David Mahvi, M.D.


Dr. Vincent Pellegrini

Vincent D. Pellegrini, M.D.


Dr. Mark Scheurer

Mark A. Scheurer, M.D.
Children's Hospital | Women's

Dr. Terry Steyer

Terrence E. Steyer, M.D.
Primary Care 


Dr. Raymond Turner

Raymond D. Turner, M.D.