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Construction Update - Road Closures

Bravo Street

Weekend: June 24 through 25
Four Weeks: July 3 through July 28 
From Bee Street Crosswalk to Stop Sign Crosswalk
For ICU Expansion / Repair Project (1 large crane on Bravo Street)

This closure means that for the month of July, all traffic going to the MUSC Courtenay garage and the VA back parking lot and garage will be channeled down one roadway, Ralph Johnson Boulevard. There is an entry for westbound traffic from Calhoun Street; however, its capacity to provide relief is minimal. Traffic flow in this area has been significantly hampered for many months by the closure of Charleston Center Drive due to construction of the Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital. With Bravo Street closed, we can expect even more significant traffic flow issues.

MUSC Transportation is mapping a temporary change to MUSC/CARTA transit routes and bus stops serving ART and other buildings in the west campus zone. Parking Management will work with valet services and ramp management at ART and will notify MUSC employees who park in each of the three major MUSC parking locations in the west zone. We will rely on Public Safety’s expertise in traffic management issues that may arise during the road closure. More details about transportation, parking and traffic management responses will be provided as they develop.